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  Keep on
  broken hearted




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Keep on

You keep on crying but nobody sees
and you keep on sleeping but nobody cares
You don’t want it, but you can’t change it
feels like it’s never gonna be alright

Staying in your room day and night
you don’t wanna talk to anybody
and you keep on crying
they just don’t care
nobody’s there
they don’t wanna know

and you are not cruel
you are just hurt, lost and alone

You don’t wanna do anything anymore
it doesn’t matter what happens
doesn’t hurt you no more
Everything should go away
anything should take an end
and you feel like being nothing at all

They’ll never help you
they rather hate you
taking ‘bout your behaviour and ‘bout your angry mood

there’s nothing to do, nothing that’s worthy to
doesn’t matter, you’re all alone
you don’t need anybody or anything, at all

there’s no sense, there’s no way, it’s not okay!

they ask you how you are, but they don’t want to know
they left you all alone,
don’t care what was done or what happened to you

And you cry and you sleep,
want to sleep the rest of your life

There’s nothing that’s worthy,
nothing more than to die, to leave it all behind…


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